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25 Best Flexible Seating Options for Your Classroom

25 Best Flexible Seating Options for Your Classroom

Once upon a time, classroom seating was so inflexible that desks and chairs were literally bolted to the floor. These days, though, flexible seating options have become game changers for teachers and students.

“There’s a lot of research showing a correlation between the subtle movements that flexible seating allows and an increase in student focus and engagement,” says Joe Russell, principal at Washington Elementary School in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin. “It makes classrooms more accessible for students, increases student engagement, and opens the room to a variety of learning styles.”

Flexible seating options aren’t for everyone. Some teachers love them, while others aren’t quite ready to give up traditional chairs and desks just yet. If you want to give it a try, these are some of the best choices on the market today.

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1. Flex-Space Giant Comfy Pillows

Student sitting on giant cushion with two others

These big cushions are generous enough for older kids to enjoy too. And while you can find lots of oversized pillows on the market, these have a zip-off cover you can throw right in the washing machine.

Buy it: Flex-Space Giant Comfy Pillows at Lakeshore

2. Gaiam Kids Balance Ball Chair

Gaiam green rubber ball with yellow and red options (Flexible Seating Options)

Also known as yoga or exercise balls, these giant balls allow kids to gently bounce while seated and encourage good posture. A stability ball is one of the most affordable flexible seating options. If you’re worried about them rolling away, try using pool noodles to make inexpensive stands.

Buy it: Gaiam Kids Balance Ball Chair at Amazon

3. Kore Wobble Chair

Kore Wobble Stool in a variety of colors and heights

These wobble stools are in classrooms all over the country. Teachers love them because they’re easy to set up (seriously, it just takes a few seconds once you get it out of the box), and they work for students of all ages. They’re very durable and come in lots of colors. There are also a variety of heights for different ages.

Buy it: Kore Wobble Chair at Amazon

4. Trideer Wobble Cushion

If you don’t have the budget for wobble stools, then try wobble cushions instead. They’re very affordable and can be used on the floor or with a regular desk chair. One teacher on Amazon says, “We’ve ordered 3 of these so far for our 4th-grade classroom as flexible seating options. The kids LOVE them. I chose to inflate them at different levels to see what works—your most fidgety kids will like it fully inflated. I love that there are 2 sides: a poky side and a more comfortable side. Those that need sensory input will definitely appreciate the poky! Great product—great price.”

Buy it: Trideer Wobble Cushion at Amazon

5. ErgoErgo Seat

Students and adults sitting on ErgoErgo Seat accordion chairs (Flexible Seating Options)

Who could resist sitting on one of these? The accordion-style base compresses slightly to allow continuous small movements forward, back, and side to side. “This seating is a favorite in my first grade classroom!” says one Amazon reviewer. “It gives them just enough movement, but also offers more stability than the yoga balls or wobble seats.” They come in several sizes for students of all ages.

Buy it: ErgoErgo Seat at Amazon

6. Gaiam Kids Stay-N-Play Children’s Balance Ball

Stay-Put Balance Ball standing on legs and with legs collapsed when student sits on it

This balance ball comes with its own legs to keep it in place when not in use. When kids sit on it, it behaves like any other balance ball. These affordable flexible seating options come in various sizes and colors. Tip: Reviewers recommend ordering a size larger than you think you need.

Buy it: Gaiam Kids Stay-N-Play Children’s Balance Ball at Amazon

7. The Surf Portable Lap Desk

Student using The Surf Portable Lap Desk to work on the floor (Flexible Seating Options)

Some kids actually prefer working on the floor. If that’s the case, these lap desks are the perfect way to give them a sturdy working surface. They’re also terrific for taking students outside for class. They come in a big selection of colors. If you really like them, you can buy a pack of 10 to make them even more affordable.

Buy it: The Surf Portable Lap Desk at Amazon

8. Kindermat Story-Time Cushions

Child sitting on one of four colorful Kindermat round floor cushions (Flexible Seating Options)

Every little one who’s ever been to story time at the library will recognize these cushions! They’re popular for a reason. A four-pack is affordable, and they’re made to last and last. Note that these cushions are small, best for the pre-K crowd.

Buy it: Kindermat Story-Time Cushions at Amazon

9. FDP SoftScape Butterfly Stool Modular Seating Set

Rainbow-colored foam stools in a contoured butterfly shape, set of six (Flexible Seating Options)

Here’s another great choice for younger learners. You get six lightweight stools in a set, in several color ranges. You can choose from a 10-inch or 12-inch height. They have a wipe-clean surface and non-skid bottom too. One reviewer says, “My students love using these as a flexible seating option in our classroom. They’re durable, comfortable, and easy to transport.”

Buy it: FDP SoftScape Butterfly Stool Modular Seating Set at Amazon

10. Lakeshore Flex-Space Comfy Floor Seat

Lakeshore Comfy floor

Sit comfortably on the floor anytime, anywhere with this adjustable cushioned seat that’s ideal for ages eight and up. At the end of the day, lay them flat and stack them up. Bonus: The fabric cover is removable and machine washable.

Buy it: Lakeshore Flex-Space Comfy Floor Seat at Lakeshore

11. Scoop Rocker

Scoop rocker chairs in blue and red (Flexible Seating Options)

Teachers love scoop rockers! Set these on the floor, and kids are ready to rock and recline as they work independently or in a group. This is one of the most affordable flexible seating options at less than $10 apiece when you buy a set of six.

Buy it: Scoop Rocker at Amazon

12. Storex Adjustable-Height Wiggle Stool

Adjustable height red wiggle stools

Looking for flexible seating options that will grow with your students? These stools are brilliant! You can buy them in 12-to-18-inch or 12-to-24-inch heights, in multiple colors. Simply add or remove center supports as needed. The slightly angled bottoms allow kids to wiggle quietly or use their core to hold the stool stable while they work.

Buy it: Storex Adjustable-Height Wiggle Stool at Amazon

13. Flex-Space Ergo Bounce Cantilever Chairs

Flex-Space Ergo Bounce Cantilever Chairs in several colors and heights

These ergonomically designed chairs allow kids to sit up straight or lean forward, all with the right support. Plus, these chairs have a little give, so kids can bounce to get the fidgets out.

Buy it: Flex-Space Ergo Bounce Cantilever Chairs at Lakeshore

14. Big Joe Joey Bean Bag Chair

Big Joe Joey Bean Bag Chair (gray)

Add a couple of these to your reading nook, and your kids will be so comfy they’ll never want to leave! They’re part beanbag and part lounge chair, in a vinyl covering that’s easy to wipe clean.

Buy it: Big Joe Joey Bean Bag Chair at Walmart

15. Calming Colors® 3-in-1 Chair Set

Toddler sitting on a 3-in-1 chair next to 3 others in various colors

With this set, you get three flexible seating options in one. Flip the chair for a 6-inch or 9.5-inch seat or to make a 15-inch table. They come in sets of four, in a sturdy plastic that’s easy to clean and will last for years.

Buy it: Calming Colors® 3-in-1 Chair Set at Lakeshore

16. Twixt Active Seating Extended-Height Stool

Twixt adjustable stools in black, blue, and green (Flexible Seating Options)

Want to try stools with older students? These are a terrific option, especially if you’d like some to use with taller tables or standing desks. They’re also available in a standard desk height.

Buy it: Twixt Active Seating Extended-Height Stool at Amazon

17. Flex-Space Comfy Curved Seat

Students sitting on curved colorful cushions

These curved benches can be arranged in a variety of ways, making them a truly versatile classroom option. The wipe-clean vinyl and strong wood construction mean you can depend on these for a long time.

Buy it: Flex-Space Comfy Curved Seat at Lakeshore

18. Topeakmart Round Plastic Nesting Stools

5 brightly colored simple plastic stools (Flexible Seating Options)

Simple stools might not be comfortable enough to use all day, but they’re terrific for group work or pulling up next to a student who needs help. They stack up neatly so you can store them out of the way when they’re not in use. They come in sets of 5 or 10.

Buy it: Topeakmart Round Plastic Nesting Stools at Amazon

19. Flash Furniture Desk Chair With Arm

Dark gray desk chair on wheels with desk arm attached

This isn’t so different from a lot of high school desks, except that it’s made to move around easily. We especially like the storage space underneath for books or backpacks.

Buy it: Flash Furniture Desk Chair With Arm at Target

20. DRAGONN Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

Student using a kneeling chair (Flexible Seating Options)

For those who like to lean forward or even work on their knees, this stool is a great way to still support good posture. You can adjust the height, so it works for middle or high school students.

Buy it: DRAGONN Ergonomic Kneeling Chair at Amazon

21. Gaiam Balance Ball Chair Stool

Gaiam stool with half-dome balance ball seat

Balance ball meets rolling stool in this innovative design. It adjusts from 18 to 23 inches, so it’s appropriate for most older students. The wheels lock into place for safety.

Buy it: Gaiam Balance Ball Chair Stool at Amazon

22. Vidget 3-in-1 Flexible Seating

Student sitting at one Vidget 3-in-1 desk chair while using another as a desk

Clever flexible seating options aren’t just for wee ones! Vidget’s 3-in-1 pieces come in a variety of sizes, so you can use them from pre-K through high school. Each one can be a chair, desk, or stool. One teacher’s opinion: “The most popular flexible seating option in my classroom! Bought the 14-inch and is the perfect size for 5-to-8-year-olds! It is so versatile and the students have no trouble turning it or managing how they want to use it. Very sturdy, very appealing, and worth every penny! Love the Vidget!!”

Buy it: Vidget 3-in-1 Flexible Seating at Amazon

23. Library Trio

Three cushions with backs in different colors (Flexible Seating Options)

This set of three foam cushion seats is ideal for creating a reading nook. Tuck them among shelves filled with picture books to give young learners a place to cozy up while they turn the pages. The vinyl surface is made to wipe clean in a snap.

Buy it: Library Trio, Set of 3 at Discount School Supply

24. Adapta-Bench®

Student sitting on one Adapta-Bench® with a doll and using another as a table

These smart benches double as tables for smaller students. When set up as tables, they can also serve as benches for adults. So many uses!

Buy it: Adapta-Bench® at Discount School Supply

25. Zenergy Ball Chair

Zenergy Ball Chairs in a variety of colors (Flexible Seating Options)

These ball chairs have a sleek, modern look with removable legs that glide across floors. When fully inflated, the chair measures about 23 inches high, making this a better choice for older kids. For younger students, try the Runtz Swivel Stability Ball Chair instead.

Buy it: Zenergy Ball Chair at Amazon

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