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4 Questions to Lay the Foundation for a “Culture of Innovation” – George Couros

4 Questions to Lay the Foundation for a “Culture of Innovation” – George Couros

In this month’s submit revisit, I am revisiting a post I wrote in 2017 titled, 4 Concerns to Lay the Foundation for a “Culture of Innovation.”

I appreciate likely by way of these posts and “cleaning them up” by not only applying Grammarly but by also asking, “Does what I say then make sense now?”  As I re-browse this and cleaned it up, a good deal of it required to be clarified.  I knew what I intended, but I didn’t communicate my tips in the original put up. 


Why convey to you this? Because a person of the thoughts outlined underneath is “What do we product?”  Correct now, I am modeling that not only has my wondering developed, but I am especially telling you in which it has evolved.  It is quick to say, “we are repeatedly growing,” but I feel this portfolio will allow me to present that evidence in excess of time.  If you “say it,” can you “show it?”  One particular factor I have proposed to educators is that after a skilled mastering day, share with your students what you struggled with and what you are committed to mastering relocating forward. I assume that makes not only some self-accountability, but it styles what we are anticipating from our learners a willingness to improve. 


Just some feelings! I hope you love today’s revisit put up!




When I speak about “innovation in instruction,” creativity in universities, or significant use of technology, I constantly begin by indicating that absolutely nothing I say matters if you do not make interactions in faculties. There is no “culture of innovation” if there is no beneficial lifestyle.

It is the foundation upon which we develop points.

Nonetheless lots of marvel why their academics aren’t more “innovative” or “taking far more risks” in their discovering. The quick remedy the lifestyle does not help it. From time to time it is due to the fact people today are terrified of earning problems in a society they understand is not open up to it, and sometimes there is no “push.” Opposite ends of the spectrum, but both equally are difficulties.

To assist build this lifestyle, below are 4 thoughts for your thing to consider:



1. Are questions encouraged?

As well normally, when things do not appear to be appropriate in an business, it is not read by means of an abundance of noise but basically the absence of conversation.

Are people today worried to problem tips in worry of retribution? Are people today extra likely to complain immediately after a expert finding out meeting than during just one? 

In workshops, I generally say that I am open to persons disagreeing with me,  but through the session not at the end of day when I am gone. It is necessary to be accomplished in the area as it is a way for us to expand in pursuit of serving kids. It is essential to make this express and repetitive.

With no the skill to freely problem (respectfully), there is no advancement separately or as an business.


2. How do we request inquiries?

This next dilemma is related to the initial. Do we inquire concerns sometimes that are meant to be street-block statements? For case in point, we have all listened to the query, “When am I heading to have time for this?”  It is a valid problem if it is one particular hunting for a alternative instead than staying a block to relocating ahead.


Asking queries can usually be disguised as a grievance and a outcome of transferring ahead. Believe of some of the questions that you hear amongst team. Are they precisely obstructionist in the way that they test to find challenges far more than options?

I have constantly explained that in a earth that continuously moves ahead if we are standing nonetheless, we are slipping at the rear of. Asking thoughts to move ahead is paramount to advancement in the correct way.


3. What do we design?

Do you ask items of your lecturers that you do not do? Do you even know what you are asking for?

I have watched colleges go “1 to 1” whilst still inundating staff members with handouts and large submit-it notes in personnel conferences. If your students have access to a gadget, workers should have it as effectively. What does the time look like in staff members meetings or qualified mastering time? Is it mirroring what you are on the lookout for in school rooms?

Have you altered team observations in any considerable way that has far more concentration on the learner than the evaluator? Are you making use of portfolios for oneself or your employees even though utilizing them with college students, or do you see them as a independent entity completely?

The art of management demands to be just as progressive and imaginative as teaching and learning. If educators do not see it from their leaders, you question them to implement it based mostly on what they listen to in its place of what they practical experience. This line of considering will not aid factors move ahead.


4. The place is the line of accountability?

If you are the college principal, do you feel that instructors are accountable to you? Are you accountable to the superintendent? This line of contemplating destinations the line of accountability specifically upon 1 individual as an alternative of the group.

WestJet, an airline enterprise in Canada, has all its staff as shareholders. With this line of wondering, if you do your job inadequately, the company loses, which indicates the value of your stocks goes down. The accountability is to every person, not to only just one.

In instruction, we want to recognize accountability flows in diverse techniques up, down, and sideways. To our learners, colleagues, local community, and immediate experiences. If we maintain each individual other accountable and not go away it to the accountability of a sole particular person, the full faculty will do superior, faster.



Some of the most backward college districts I have witnessed think they have it all heading appropriate, when some of the most forward-wondering and state-of-the-art university districts are in no way content. A single team believes they have arrived, whilst other folks believe they will in no way get to in which they need to go, but it is crucial to move forward constantly.

Where are you in this spectrum? If you believe that you are where you need to be, you may well presently drop driving.

Use these thoughts and revisit them generally. If you want to grow to be a “culture of innovation,” make absolutely sure the basis is completely ready to support that advancement.