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A Bespoke Lithuanian Cafe Play Park | Creative STAR Learning

A Bespoke Lithuanian Cafe Play Park | Creative STAR Learning
A Bespoke Lithuanian Cafe Play Park | Creative STAR Learning

Even though going for walks all around Vilnius in Lithuania, I held an eagle eye out for any exciting enjoy parks. Most were being the standard rather dismal swing, slide, spring toy and climbing body set. But tucked away in the Pavilniai Regional Park, I identified this minor bespoke attractiveness.

Li Play Park

It was located beside the cafe and was obviously the participate in provision for its guests, thus I struggled to come across a baby-absolutely free minute to choose some pics. I cherished that it was also appropriate beside the river and without a barrier. So obviously small children could paddle there or participate in in this article. By some means I just can’t envision this taking place in the United kingdom.

Li Play park 2

The large white climbing framework could be accessed in many strategies. A long ramp permitted a mild ascent into the property. But in various places, other selections existed such as methods, 2 rope ladders and 2 climbing partitions as well as heading up the slides!

Li Play park 3

As you can see, the structure is on 3 concentrations. There is tons of check out factors and places to glance out. It all felt significantly bigger and enjoyable than the true room it took up!

Li Tarzan swing

Also dotted about have been other wee surprises these types of as this tarzan swing beside the least expensive degree den. There were fascinating nooks and crannies all over the place.

Li Climbing bar

Wooden totem characters are quite a popular sight in the area place. I appreciated the cultural software to perform and the use of these to create a climbing bar and swings.

But best of all experienced to be the roundabout tree household pictured below….

Li treehouse roundabout

That is suitable! It is a tree dwelling on a significant stump that can rotate. When you climb to the best of the ways you have to change the tree household to enter. Parents can also spin a youngster from the outdoors too! I don’t know if this contraption exists somewhere else, but it was a first for me! So for a cafe perform place this was a hidden gem!

This blog site article was initial published in August 2014. Due to the fact it is so exclusive, I have not created any amendments. I remember some concern on social media web-sites about the rotating tree house. Sure it likely does not satisfy EU playground security criteria but these are advisory and not the law and for public playgrounds. Irrespective of whether this is a private playground owned by the cafe, I’m not positive. As with any structure, prevalent feeling is desired to function out no matter whether a position is appropriate for supervised or unsupervised use by a youngster and all this is dependent on their age, maturity and developmental abilities of various types.

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