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Around The Web In ESL/EFL/ELL

Around The Web In ESL/EFL/ELL
Around The Web In ESL/EFL/ELL

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6 a long time in the past I started this regular attribute the place I share a handful of posts and methods from all around the World wide web similar to ESL/EFL or to language in normal that have caught my interest.

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In addition, search for our book on teaching ELLs, which was published in the Spring of 2018 and discover about our new book.

Below are this week’s decisions:

StoryShares is a Raz-Young children-like instrument that seems to me for a little bit extra state-of-the-art readers, and is much less high priced. You can also entry 35 of their books for absolutely free. I’m incorporating it to The Best Sites For Intermediate Readers.

This is an older, but new-to-me, posting from NPR: A Teenager Refugee’s Mind May well Be Disrupted A lot more By Poverty Than Earlier Trauma.

Maptionary appears to be like like a cool visual dictionary and thesaurus. I’m introducing it to The Most effective Reference Web-sites For English Language Learners.

I’m including this subsequent tweet to THE Greatest Tactics FOR “ENGINEERING” Textual content SO THAT It is Extra Accessible TO ELLS:

This is a wild video that I would only show to more mature ELLs and have them produce and talk about what they observed:

Here’s an additional movie just for more mature ELLs:

https://www.youtube.com/look at?v=zSdlNdJbsfw