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Create Your Own STAR WARS Animations using Google Slides

Create Your Own STAR WARS Animations using Google Slides


Are you on the lookout to do anything pretty wild with your college students this year?

In this presentation from the 2022 ISTE Conference, I share with you my preferred way to interact students in electronic discovering by exhibiting you how to use Google Slides to rework your classroom into a movie school.

To download all of my templates and shows, remember to go to: https://www.teachercast.web/googleanimations

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How Do Google Slide Animations Function?

Just like a classic flipbook, you can use Google Slides to situation transparent photos on a popular history and more than the program of a number of slides, move them into different positions as the slide deck moves ahead.  You can see from this video clip how easy it is to duplicate and paste a one graphic throughout an entire presentation.

When you get to the next and third figures in your story, you then duplicate and paste the picture alternatively than building a brand new slide.

Innovative Approaches of utilizing Google Slides with your Learners

How to use Google Slide Animations in your Classroom

One of the very best ways to carry this kind of lesson into your classroom is to introduce it at the conclude of the week. I personally advocate performing this style of action on a Friday after lunch so your college students are supercharged to go house and invest the weekend making some thing amazing.  On Monday or Tuesday of the following 7 days, you can then do a movie competition for them to showcase their perform.  This is not just a fantastic way to have your college students test out their digital learning abilities, but also places the mastering of the application in their fingers.

When your students have a firm grasp on Google Slides capabilities these types of as drag, fall, flip, grouping, transparency, and recoloring, you can then introduce the principle into a curricular task.

Can you provide Google Slides Animations into your Curriculum?

Over the very last a number of a long time of showing this talent off, I have been capable to enable instructors of all quality amounts and matter spots mix this exercise with their curriculum.

Examples of Google Slide Animation Routines include things like:

  • Mobile Division
    • Begin with a person mobile and talk to the pupils to divide it about the course of quite a few slides.
  • Exploration and Westward Growth
    • Give out a Google Slides template with a map in the background and question your pupils to have the characters on the slide advance displaying the route that their boat or group moved to settle into a new land.
  • Math Flash Cards
    • On the very first slide, form a amount … on the next slide set a + … on the subsequent slide put a further range … use the flipbook to run multiplication tables or uncomplicated math challenges for young college students.

Download My Presentation Template Now!

To download all of my templates and shows, you should go to: https://www.teachercast.net/googleanimations

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