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Debating A Theist: The Infinite Ladder

Debating A Theist: The Infinite Ladder

My ever ongoing debating theist (MG) insists that if there is a earlier temporal infinity then it is difficult to reach the existing given that you have to take part in an infinite selection of gatherings before you can arrive at any present-day celebration. He released the analogy of “the infinite ladder” and how if you climb these types of a ladder you will never ever arrive at the top rated. Even so, he muddled his very own analogy significant time as the subsequent sequence of exchanges built over numerous moons, and which I have cobbled alongside one another, display.

My important distinction right here is that if you have a finite lifespan and you began an infinite amount of money of time ago, then plainly you can not access the existing. Having said that, if you happened to be blessed with an infinite lifespan, like say an up-quark (which can neither be made nor destroyed) then there is no dilemma. A finite lifespan can only travel by way of a finite time time period an infinite lifespan is less than no these types of constraints.

[Note: previous to-and-fro discussions resulted in the following exchanges.]

MG – “As this sort of, you have a series exactly where each and every function is nearer to a line than the past types, and inevitably the series arrives at that line. Infinite collection are not able to do that. It is really like possessing an infinite quantity of rungs on a ladder, but claiming to have arrived at that top just now. It is incoherent.”

JP – If you had been climbing a ladder with infinite rungs, why would you at any time assert that you had reached the top rated? We’ve now agreed that infinity has no endpoints – no top rated in other terms.

MG – “If you concur that you are unable to climb to the major of an infinite ladder, and you see another person at the best, the proper conclusion is that the ladder was not infinite soon after all!!”

JP – Whoa! It can be 1) incorrect to use the term “you” due to the fact “you” is a finite celebration, and 2) you ruined any and all logic by saying that “you see another person at the leading”. Because I have mentioned that infinity has no endpoints, it is really illogical for me to state that I see an individual (all over again a fallacy considering the fact that somebody is also a finite function) at the endpoint.

MG – “The ladder is the previous sequence of occasions (not “times” “activities”, like the Civil War, my breakfast this morning, etc.) and it ends at the current function (me typing this sentence) due to the fact which is what “previous” Suggests. I built it previous all of the rungs of the Earlier collection of functions, and am at the prime (the existing function). But, as you mentioned, you can’t access the top rated of an infinite ladder. For that reason the past is not infinite.”

JP 1 – It is extra than possible to get from an infinite past to the listed here-and-how if you your self have an infinite lifespan. This is not a complicated idea.

JP 2 – Of program “you” can’t because individuals have a finite lifespan, but that will not necessarily mean it can’t be done, specifically if you don’t basically have a finite lifespan. Now if you acquire an infinite time and infinite activities, the two infinites cancel and you have just time and events. You can cross any range of occasions if you have sufficient time. You can cross an infinite range of functions if you have an infinite total of time. I’m just likely to substitute a thing that will not have a finite life span (i.e. – “you”) with a thing that does, say an up-quark. In fact never thoughts about the timing of your To start with Cause argument for the minute. Just tell me how aged an up-quark essentially is.

MG – “It was a latest event, just like each and every rung on the ladder below me was as soon as the present-day rung. I nonetheless are unable to entire a climb of infinite ways. It is logically incoherent. It defies even your definition of “infinite”, and you know it.”

JP – Of course YOU can not climb an infinite ladder considering the fact that you are a temporally finite function. But if anything (i.e. – an up-quark) is a temporally infinite ‘event’ then I are unsuccessful to see the dilemma.

MG – “So, your argument is “effectively, I agree that you cannot make it to the best of a ladder with infinite rungs, but… I guess that infinite particle Ought to have performed it, due to the fact it really is below and it is infinite”?”

JP – The proof of the pudding is in the having. A temporally infinite particle [like an up-quark] just occurs to discover by itself in the right here-and-now. For all I know it tunneled by way of a wormhole, but here it is. Now you can negate this by ‘creating’ the particle out of existence, hence refuting or negating the thought that a particle is invincible!

MG – “[A]nd you are not able to get out of that by expressing “the evidence is in the pudding”.

JP – But the evidence IS in the pudding. The Cosmos is infinite and but there are particles here-and-now. Offer with it! Now even if there is an infinite past and an infinite potential, your strategy of “The Existing Moment” exactly where we come across these particles has to fall someplace on that timeline. Let us simply call that Higher Noon in New York Metropolis (NYC). There was a Superior Noon in NYC the working day before. There will be a Substantial Midday in NYC the working day following. It is no large offer to time-vacation that finite interval concerning High Midday the day just before “The Existing Minute” to Superior Midday the working day following “The Existing Minute” – a 48-hour period of time. The existence of an infinite past / upcoming is irrelevant. Now keep pushing that idea again and forwards as significantly back again and as much forward as your imagination can picture.

MG – “From that one particular particle’s body of reference, a thing is happening suitable now, regardless of how other frames of reference take into account “now”. And, if its lifespan is infinite, then it has gone as a result of and accomplished an in fact infinite amount of gatherings prior to the current a person it is really heading by way of now. Correct?”

JP – Certainly.

MG – “But it can’t really entire an infinite number of measures prior to a place that would be like climbing an infinite ladder and essentially arriving at the top rated rung. It is really extremely hard. You have already agreed to that. Mainly, just like R [another poster], you keep agreeing with the two the premises, but refusing to take the summary.”

JP – If you have a finite lifespan you can complete a finite journey. By that identical reasoning, if you have an infinite lifespan you can full an infinite journey (i.e. – an infinity that’s up to that stage you are nominating), even even though there is nevertheless an infinite journey however forward of you. Infinity (from previous to “issue”) plus infinity (from “place” to long term” nonetheless equals infinity.

MG – “I fully understand that you are saying an infinitely extended-lived particle could be in the midst of an infinity of functions, but what I’m declaring is that it are not able to essentially have Accomplished an infinite variety of gatherings prior to its recent party, mainly because that would be conceptually equal to climbing to the Top rated of a ladder with infinite rungs. Do we agree on this a lot (leaving apart what the choices would have to be, like issue/electrical power staying developed or whichever else)?”

JP – No. Wouldn’t you concur that couldn’t your infinite God have done an infinite quantity of events prior to creating everyday living, the Universe and every little thing as for each Genesis 1 and Genesis 2? If your God could do that, then an infinitely-lengthy-lived particle could have performed likewise. If your God could not have completed an infinite variety of activities prior to His “In the commencing”, then He’s not all that all-impressive now, is He?

MG – “No, even God are unable to have completed an really infinite number of functions prior to a issue… Completing an truly infinite sequence prior to a issue is logically incoherent. It violates the incredibly strategy of “infinite”.

JP – Wow! Now below I thought that your invisible magic male in the sky had some regulate about time. I stand corrected. Bummer! I guess that signifies that a particle with an infinite lifespan is much more strong than your invisible magic man in the sky.

MG – “But you have admitted that an infinite set of techniques are not able to be concluded, and that an infinitely prolonged-lived particle would have gone by means of an infinite amount of events prior to its current just one. Which is the very same as declaring that a ladder with infinite rungs cannot be climbed all the way to the major, and yet this particle has done that. It’s a self-contradiction… “

JP – Talking of contradictions, “infinite rungs” and “best” is a rational contradiction pretty unworthy of you. In any case, the response is “No”. Even if the particle has only produced it halfway to the top rated of your ladder it still has made it as a result of an infinite range of actions.

MG – “So, the dilemma with reaching the leading rung of an infinite ladder is not that it’s logically impossible to full an infinity it can be just that the climber hasn’t lived prolonged plenty of?? This is nonsense. You have previously agreed an infinite selection of ways cannot be finished prior to a point simply because the very notion of infinity is that it is under no circumstances concluded. But then you blithely throw that aside when it would indicate that the particle must have accomplished anything logically difficult or else your worldview desires to be altered and the previous experienced a starting.”

JP – While all answers are replies, not all replies are answers! Now here this – there is a huge variance concerning that which has an infinite lifespan (like a particle) and that which has a finite lifespan (like you). You can not climb an infinite ladder and stay to convey to the tale an elementary particle can maintain on preserving on. Even a particle will never ever attain the conclude because there is no finish to infinity so your claim that there is a “leading rung of an infinite ladder” is in and of itself a overall nonsensical assert. You were being the one I recall who launched the preposterous idea or idea of “the top rated rung on an infinite ladder”.

MG – “In any scenario, you have unsuccessful to recognize the ladder analogy.”

JP – I have an understanding of that opposite to your statements, my assertion is that you are unable to have a top rung on an infinite ladder. Circumstance closed.


Is there not an infinite variety of traces (rungs on a ladder analogy) that you could draw among the starting line and finishing line of say a race? And nonetheless you can the two start off and end the race!

Now the problem for readers is, who is suitable? MG or JP?