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Feeling Thankful – American Board Blog

Feeling Thankful – American Board Blog

Like you, we wake up each November 1st with a candy hangover and a feeling of thankfulness. At American Board, we’re feeling thankful for our teacher graduates. Online teacher certification is flexible, so it appeals to many types of people. Therefore, American Board graduates come to us from a variety of different backgrounds, from military experience to recent college graduate. Each of our graduates bring unique qualities to the teaching profession, and we’re grateful for the contributions they make to local schools.

Who Are American Board Teachers?

Career Changers

The vast majority of American Board teachers are career changers. This includes your local pharmacist who now teaches high school chemistry. Or the local accountant who has always loved history and now gets to share that passion in the classroom. Career changers have real world experience. They have professional experience beyond the knowledge they obtained in college. We’re feeling thankful for these teachers because they help students understand how the content they’re learning translates to real-world issues.

Stay-at-Home Parents

At American Board, we’re so proud to offer stay-at-home parents a pathway back into the workforce. So many parents, and in particular moms, choose to leave the workforce to raise their children. This is truly such a sacrifice, walking away from career ambitions to devote oneself to one’s children. When the time comes for these parents to return to work, they are often overlooked due to the gap on their resumes. Not at American Board. We understand that while working at home, parents perfect their time-management skills. They become masters of classroom management. They encourage learning during all hours of the day. These are qualities any local school would appreciate.

Military Veterans

American Board is a proud partner with DoD SkillBridge. This means that we work with the Department of Defense to help our Military Veterans transition to their next career after Military retirement. We believe there is no better model of service and commitment than our Military Veterans. We’re particularly thankful to the Veterans who choose to continue serving their local communities as teachers. And because we know Military Veterans don’t serve alone, we honor their spouses with the same certification opportunities.

Recent College Graduates

Although the average American Board graduate is 40 years old, we will never discount our recent college graduate teachers. When entering senior year, many college students realize their dream career a bit too late. For a student that has majored in psychology or math, it’s impossible to switch to an education major without adding years to their college career. Of course, these years are accompanied by thousands of dollars of debt. Luckily, many soon-to-be graduates learn of American Board’s online teacher certification program and are able to pursue it their final semester of college. This way, they graduate college and can begin teaching right away using their American Board certificate. These teachers bring a sense of drive and excitement to the classroom.

Will You Pursue Teacher Certification?

Whichever category of American Board teacher best matches your experience, we hope you’ll consider becoming a teacher. Schools are desperately short staffed. This means it’s never been easier to secure a teaching position. But more importantly, students deserve the very best role models and we know American Board teachers will always rise to meet that need.

To learn about online teacher certification, please visit www.americanboard.org.