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Geoffrey Chaucer As a Father of English Poetry

Geoffrey Chaucer As a Father of English Poetry

Geoffrey Chaucer as a Father of English Poetry


Geoffrey Chaucer is identified as the father of English poetry. He symbolizes the Middle Ages, as no other writer does. He stands in a lot the very same relation to the existence of his time as Alexander Pope does to the 18th century and Tennyson to the Victorian era. Chaucer’s position in English literature is a lot more significant than both equally of them. He is the very first fantastic English author. His get the job done is divided into a few unique phases

In his initial phase, he was underneath the influence of the French (1357-72).

The second period was below the influence of Italian (1372-86).

The 3rd phase of his existence was that he focused on the native originality and made his very own literature in English (1386-1400).

Literature was not posted or not in people’s strategy before him. There was the federal government of Normans in Britain, which came there from France, consequently, French was the formal language and Latin was the language of spiritual people today and of church simply because their Holy reserve ‘Bible’ was in Latin. Chaucer was the to start with person to introduce modern day English language in Britain.

At that time, there were 4 dialects of English applied in Britain.

· Northern

· Southern

· Midland

· Kentish

In London, there was midland dialect. Chaucer picked out this midland and created his normal in this dialect. He applied embellished and ornamented phrases in his poetry that men and women preferred a great deal. And the upcoming technology made use of this style of text in their writings and individuals utilized to converse these modern-day words in their every day language that Chaucer launched in his writings. The Canterbury Tales is a landmark in Chaucer’s lifetime and he is very well-acknowledged for it.

Chaucer is also a pioneer of English novel. In his Troilus and Criseyde and The Canterbury Tales, we can uncover the seeds of novel. He was known as first novelist, even just before the visual appearance of novel in Britain and he was also known as the 1st dramatist even in advance of the physical appearance of drama in Britain. That is why he is also referred to as the Father of English literature. But he is perfectly-acknowledged for his poetry.

Features of Chaucer’s Poetry:

Chaucer experienced a pretty occupied vocation as a man of affairs, poetry for him was always a part-time exercise. Chaucer made various contributions to English poetry. He tried using to enlarge the variety, scope and mentality of the poets, introduced pretty close observations of the life all around him, presented the crystal apparent image of the disorders of his instances through his writings, excelled in characterization and previously mentioned all gave a new shape to English language and poetry. With these contributions, he continues to be at the prime of the historical past of English literature, and no a single can obstacle his place.There are a number of options of his poetry.

· The First fantastic Nationwide Poet

Chaucer was the 1st wonderful national poet. He expressed the new hopes and aspiration of the people of his time. The basis of Chaucer’s artwork lies in English lifestyle and character.

· Realism

Realism makes an attempt to explain life with no idealization. Chaucer was the to start with realist in English literature. He turned down the themes of conventional principle of fantasy and ideality. Just before him, the war, heroes and the royal spouse and children were the main subject areas for the poets, but Chaucer broke this chain and focused on reality. Every little thing in his Canterbury Tales was from everyday living. He was a excellent observer he noticed the visual appeal, dress and actions of pilgrims extremely deeply. He painted as it is what he observed.

· Narrative Talent

Chaucer is extremely appreciated for his narrative ability. His electric power as a narrator, the power to explain to an intriguing story is simply astounding. He is the very first wonderful English story-teller in verse type. His work of verse as the car or truck of storytelling is the most memorable contribution and the fashionable English literature is drastically thankful to him in this respect. His Canterbury Tales is truly a collection of excellently narrated tales.

· Humor

He is regarded as the very first excellent English humorist. No English literary do the job in advance of him expressed humor in the modern day sense. That was major and based on heroic deeds. Chaucer’s humor is always sympathetic, purely natural and spontaneous.

· Art of Characterization

In English literature Chaucer is the initial terrific painter of characters. He provides his character in a masterly way. He presents his figures each separately and in the types of types.

William Blake sights that the figures of Chaucer’s pilgrims are the character which compose all ages and nations. The Knight, the Friar, the Wife of Bathtub, the Medical doctor of Physic, the Prioress, the Monk, the Service provider and numerous other folks are dwelling and eternally clean and their features symbolize the attributes of common human existence. This kind of characterization gave the guideline to the forthcoming writers.

· Iambic Pentameter and Rhyme-Royal

The credit rating of the use of rhyme-royal for the first time in English literature goes to Chaucer. Rhyme-royal is also known as the Chaucerian stanza the stanza of seven lines with rhyming scheme of ABABBCC. He borrowed this system from France. King James I of Scotland in 15th century employed this stanza in his famous poem “King Quair”.

When five pressure syllables are utilized in a verse of poetry, then it is named pentameter. Iambic pentameter means ‘rhythm of 5 patterns of syllables’.

e.g. “Grave nods at grove, every single alley has a brother.”

· Humanistic Outlook

Poetry portrays not just the artwork and artificiality of age, rather it hints at humanistic outlook as perfectly. This reflection of humanity in poetry begins with Chaucerian literature. His descriptions of his fellowmen express his extensive humanity and get ready the way for Shakespeare. He has no despise for the fools and no distaste for rascals. He is the poet of humanity.

Chaucer also released the rhyming couplet in the conclusion of just about every stanza.

To wind up the earlier mentioned discussion, we could say that he stands by yourself and no a person climbs equally with him. It can be mentioned that Chaucer, with his extraordinary, impressive and extensive literary works, has remained till now not to be exceeded. English language and literature grew to become experienced since of Chaucer’s generation. So, he is called “father of English Poetry”.