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Learn Valuable Chakra Balancing Techniques For Better Health

Learn Valuable Chakra Balancing Techniques For Better Health

Each person has seven powerful energy centers located at key points within their body. These metaphysical vortexes are each connected to specific senses, elements, organ systems, nerve groupings, endocrine gland, color and emotion; and maintaining a balance in the flow of energies through them is important to overall health. There are various chakra balancing techniques to attend obstructions and conduct chakra healing.

The first energy center is The Root, which is located in the groin area, associated with the adrenal glands, reproductive system, spine, blood flow, sense of smell and the element of earth. Signs of an imbalance include being overly nervous, fearful, or codependent, experiencing frequent cramps, or having a tendency to feel insecure, materialistic, disconnected, fatigued, or restless. Physical activity, such as hatha yoga, aromatherapy and gemstone assisted meditations are among the more effective ways of healing imbalances.

The Sacral is centered within the lower abdomen and is connected to one’s sense of taste, the water element, along with the reproductive organs and kidneys. Imbalance signs include lower back pain, infertility, impotence, kidneys or urinary tract problems, either an overabundance or lack of emotions, and low self-esteem. Best healing methods involve aquatic exercises, Tantric yoga, and ingesting juicy fruits like oranges and mangoes.

The Solar Plexus is set in the stomach, with a connection to sight, the central nervous system, digestion, metabolism, the pancreas and liver, and the element of fire. When something is not balanced, one may experience extreme aggression or passiveness, digestive problems, nerve pain, gastric issues, organ infection, and respiration troubles. Breathing exercises, sun exposure, and visual therapies such as mandalas, are highly effective with this center.

The Heart vortex is closely associated with air, touch sensations, the immune system, thymus gland, chest organs, arms and hands. Improper balance may leave one feeling either emotionally cold and distant, or clingy and over-accommodating. One might physically experience circulation problems, cardiac issues, joint stiffness, and an increased risk of cancer. The best ways to level this energy is through touch – human contact like hugging – as it is very powerful.

Hearing and sound are affected by the Throat center, which is also attached to the shoulders, thyroid, ears and mouth. Problems in this area are typically manifested as hoarseness, loss of voice, earaches and infections, thyroidal issues, and TMJ. One might also become extremely introverted or overly verbal, irritable or condescending. Sounds, such as mantras, chants, crystal bowl resonance, or soothing songs are beneficial healers.

In the forehead lies the Third Eye – gateway to one’s Sixth Sense, sensitive to the element of light and influencing the pituitary gland, biorhythms, skull, and eyes. Physically, when off-balance, one might experience problems with their vision, frequent headaches or migraines, seizures, insomnia, or nightmares. Emotionally, they might become unfocused, closed minded, distrustful, or lose touch with reality. This is the dream center so meditation or visualization boards can be most helpful.

Finally comes the Crown, located above one’s head and a center of pure consciousness, linked to the nervous system, cerebral cortex, hypothalamus, brain, pineal and pituitary glands. One might become a spiritual fanatic, or be completely void of direction when it is not in healthy balance. It can cause dizziness, confusion, and a variety of neurological or mental disorders. Only deep meditations is required to set it straight.