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Life Is Like Climbing a Ladder to Success – Seek Heavenly Assistance, Climb Each Step With Dignity

Life Is Like Climbing a Ladder to Success – Seek Heavenly Assistance, Climb Each Step With Dignity

***Life is like a man climbing the ladder to success- He must constantly recharge his efforts. Be honest with yourself. Sometimes we all need help, encouragement or rely on a more Spiritual way of seeking aid. Look for peaceful ways to carry on the efforts needed to achieve challenges or feats. Seek council or instruction and assistance from the Heavens. Take the time to pray or meditate, sometimes you have to slow down or pause. Stop for a moment. Look up towards the almighty sky. Take a reality check, question yourself. Are you climbing your ladder to success in honor and dignity? Are you satisfied with your finding’s? Whether you are stepping or climbing, as long as you are consistently striving, recharging your efforts,to achieve a mission, or dream, you are on the right trajectory. Keep your mindset well attuned to your wants and needs. Your mind is most happy while in forward motion, like the water and waves of the ocean. Your world/life choice is wanting to receive or manifest rivers or springs of successful outcomes, following all of your life efforts. Climbing and ascending each step of life’s ladder, assures you’ll ascend to heights of spectacular or unequivocal plateaus. Don’t forget, be aware that you worthy of individual success. You alone endured miles of trials, expect your hard-earned victory ALONE! You don’t need to lift anyone that expects to ride along with you, or be dragged down by anyone that follows you. It is not your job to pull anyone on your bandwagon who doesn’t belong, or those who have been trailing you.***

Nobody else is entitled to reap the success that you earned ALONE! You alone provided yourself the experience and worked, you alone set the target that you aim to claim. Relish in the victory that your own determination awarded you. Be assured in what you placed in the Universe-Hard work, ample amounts of time, effort,dedication and immense energy. It will not return void. It will be returned as your investment to yourself, and for the love of others as well. Be proud of yourself- You put you own best work ethic into practice. Your own work and effort will never leave or disappoint you. Thrive knowing that you made outstanding progress. Until the next adventure begins, enjoy reaping and sowing more seeds that your own effort planted. Please enjoy eating the harvest that you alone earned. Eat from the fruits of your own labor. Question or correct your work. Carry your world in efforts of honesty and integrity. Let your children be proud of the way that you chose to leave them a legacy or royalty. By conducting yourself with integrity, you lead by fantastic example! Your children will also live their lives in the same way that you modeled integrity and an honesty. Whether living and working in virtual reality, or working in a more tangible vocation, do your business or online skill honestly, properly and methodically. Live life as if judgement day is tomorrow.

It is important to realize your skills and talents. Know your areas of proficiency. Be aware of the quality of your skills. Good, lacking or deficient know your strengths and weaknesses. Take the time needed to empower your efforts. Maintain your health and guard your vital life-force. Operate on all eight cylinders. Know that like a well-oiled and maintained engine, you have a human heart- powered engine that needs fixing, tenderness and attention. Your drive/engine permits you to drive on solid roads. If you desire to go in the fast lane, prepare your mind and body for a motorized journey. You will be more equipped and enabled to meet and exceed your aspirations, get plenty of rest. Take the time to create healthy eating and resting practices that you do habitually. All the Universe can ask of you is to be comfortable in your own car/shoes. Be the best YOU that YOU can be. Nobody else can be better at being yourself than you, right?

If your best attempts fail to bring you abundance, reap the joy that learning and the life lesson(s) has awarded you. Every day we are offered a new sunrise to plan or seek many ways of surmounting challenges, winning prizes, or attaining introspection through the lessons that we learned.

Earning a living is more than working, we learn and earn more respect for ourselves and for one another- that’s a very different, but still vital aim to be earned at the end of the day. Life lessons are learned more by our downfalls than by our successes. You and me have earned every silver star that we metaphorically showcase on our shoulders. Recognize that with every new sunrise, there is a chance for a new prize to arise, planning a fresh start with endless possibilities.

With each new sunrise comes a beautiful prize ready to arise from deep within your very soul. A lovely, new soul prize is granted to you every day from the very core of your being. Let for the entire world see and know your individual words, thoughts and desires. Be ready to share with another, or to empower others. Your work on earth, will outlive your time, and showcase your worthiness. Make your work, words or efforts uniquely your own. Sunset is the perfect time to reflect on what’s going right in your life, or to set new height to design upon the next sunrise. Decide to make some changes going forward before the next sunrise. Devise a plan to understand your intentions before feeding into the criticism or jealousy of others. Jealousy is too often an excuse not to try to do something extraordinary, unique, or to complete a task that takes a lot of a personal time and work investment. Those that are envious of you are actually seeing themselves through a mirror and not liking what is NOT reflected back at themselves. Those that are jealous of you are the same people who don’t like to sweat, instead they engage life by taking short-cuts to earn stolen,temporary and fleeting success. Ornery ways, spitefully succeeding by devising underhanded ways of creating opportunities that aren’t theirs in the first place.

Life is really all about knowing that it takes time to climb the steps before reaching the ladder to success. Embrace the learning curve, review your efforts, you will need to constantly fix, amend, correct or refocus your purpose. A lot of time, perseverance, hard work and consistently climbing is essential,prior to reaching the top of the ladder to success. Reaping the rewards that you ALONE earned is like being born again! Life is fair, especially when you know that you did the work that was required of you, with consistent effort, SNAP! You are finally rewarded! Be content in knowing that you are recognized by the highest force alive- The Universal Source is a force that knows the truth about me and you- It distributes acknowledgement, accolades TO ALL unique individual effort, work and talent,and is always done in Divine Timing!

**** I enjoy learning from you and from others offering me knowledge continuously!~