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Study tip #2: Use your own words and pictures to reinforce what you’re learning

Study tip #2: Use your own words and pictures to reinforce what you’re learning

This web site is the second in a three-portion series of demonstrated research suggestions centered on science.

by Kristen DiCerbo, Khan Academy main learning officer

What can you do to assistance your self remember new data? Consider edge of research demonstrating that folks bear in mind issues better when they are acquired with words AND visuals! Our brains appear to process visual and verbal facts differently, sorting and storing it in distinctive strategies or areas. In addition, we can use possibly verbal or visible cues, or the two jointly, to remember info from our recollections. If we shop details both of those visually and verbally, it signifies we can maximize our chances of recalling it in a person of these methods. 

You have most likely found that our math videos on Khan Academy really do not demonstrate faces but contain a great deal of visuals that compliment the terms Sal Khan, our founder, is speaking. This is on reason! We want you to have visible and verbal input that is connected to what you are studying. As substantially as we may like Sal’s experience, it doesn’t truly inform you nearly anything about the subject to be acquired.

A good deal of our studying will involve phrases, possibly reading through or listening to lectures. You can insert visuals to the mix  by drawing your possess photographs in your notes. From time to time it is distinct which shots you may want to attract. If you are studying cells in biology, you could possibly want to draw a picture of a cell. In some cases, although, it isn’t so clear what to draw due to the fact you’re learning anything that doesn’t seriously feel visible. This is a good time to use what we contact a graphic organizer. 1st, generate the thought you’re studying in the center of your paper. Then, as you consider of linked concepts, examples or encounters, publish them on the webpage and hook up them to your principle with lines. You are going to stop up with a internet of phrases that are linked to your new knowledge. Use your creativeness. If you come up with some new way to visually clearly show an strategy, you will most likely bear in mind it longer!

Note that this information is not about finding regardless of whether you feel you desire visible or auditory input (from time to time termed learning variations) and finding out that way. The research has been fairly obvious that attempting to recognize a discovering model and then tailoring instruction to that fashion does not boost learning results. Men and women do better when they get input both visually and verbally!

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