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Teaching Essential Workers in Allied Health with Dr. Joanitt Montano

Teaching Essential Workers in Allied Health with Dr. Joanitt Montano

Dr. Joanitt Montano is the Provost and Senior Vice President of Academics at The Faculty of Health care Professions. She joins host Mike Palmer in a conversation about her encounters building educational applications in the health care professions for adult learners in Texas at CHCP. We hear what led Joanitt to Allied Wellness as we dig into who takes section in her systems and how she steps good results through completion and task placement.

We seem for classes from her encounter teaching educators to deliver palms-on schooling in health care professions as a result of the pandemic a long time and into the present day. Joanitt shares her thoughts on emerging developments in healthcare and health care schooling in the coming years. She shares impressive final results on system completion across usually underserved populations in investigate CHCP has finished with Rice College. We chat obtain, belonging, and extra in a dialogue about offering actual task pathways that fill urgent requirements in today’s rapidly altering health care understanding ecosystem. Do not pass up it!

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