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Teaching Teens About the Reproductive System

Teaching Teens About the Reproductive System

Teaching teens about the reproductive system can be the most difficult discussion a parent can have. Many fear that talking about sexual subjects with their teens will lead to further experimentation and promiscuity but nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, not knowing the information leads to more curiosity, and above all else-danger. Teaching teens about the reproductive system can indeed be difficult but it is the most important discussion you will ever have with your child.

The best approach is to let them know that it is as uncomfortable for you as it is for them. It is okay to be human and let your teenager know that even though it embarrasses you it is something you feel strongly about. Teaching teens about the reproductive system and sexual relationships and the dangers surrounding promiscuity helps them to make informed intelligent decisions when the situations that WILL arise happen. Knowing that you have given them the information they need to stand up to the pressures that exist today will make talking about the subject much easier for you.

You might be surprised once you get past the initial embarrassment that your teen is anxious to talk to you about the issues that trouble them regarding sex, relationships, peer pressure, and other issues related to the reproductive system. Many kids want to talk to their parents but are just as uncomfortable broaching the subject as you are. The fact is they need help navigating the world we live in today. Sexual experiences are out in the open and still remain shrouded in mystery and pressure more than ever before. Knowing that they can talk to you about these subjects will give them a place to turn when the pressures become too tough to handle alone and the ability to make the right decisions with your guidance.

As you settle in to begin teaching teens about the reproductive system use familiar examples from TV, movies, and even friends and family to highlight your points. Let them know the seriousness of sexually transmitted diseases just as much as various aspects of how their bodies work. Keep a sense of humor, that is the best way to get past the nerves and anxiety of such sensitive subjects and never get angry or upset over questions your teen may have on the subjects.

Be sure to ask them if they have any questions regarding the subject and if you do not know the answer don’t feel the need to bluff. Tell them you don’t know, and look up the answer. Better yet, look up the answer together and discuss the material available with each other. If you are seriously unable to communicate when teaching teens about the reproductive system leave books that are appropriate for your child’s age in places they are sure to see them. Curiosity will guide them to pick them up and read. Not only will that help to provide information to them, it can open up the lines of communication between you and make it easier to discuss any questions they may have on the material.

Whatever you do, and how you do it, teaching teens about the reproductive system should be a priority for you as your child enters puberty. Your help will get them through the difficult teenage years successfully and happily and you will be able to look upon your young adult with pride and accomplishment of a job well done.