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TEFL Certification in Argentina & TEFL Jobs Teaching English in Argentina

TEFL Certification in Argentina & TEFL Jobs Teaching English in Argentina

There are a wide variety of TEFL courses in Argentina offered in cities throughout the country. Completing a TEFL course in Argentina leads to TEFL jobs teaching English in Argentina. This is a truly wonderful and unique country which offers great opportunities for travel and teaching. In terms of initial costs for TEFL certification, Argentina is one of the best deals going in South America due to the financial crash of 2003.

Argentina is a country of stunning natural beauty. Due to the waves of immigration throughout the 20th Century, Argentina is truly cosmopolitan. It has beautiful big cities and huge expanses of untamed wilderness. It is a place where the visitor, particularly if they have a lively interest in soccer, can blend seamlessly with the surroundings and friendly people. The local language is of course Spanish, but there are some native South American dialects still in use. The population of this vast country is thirty-seven million, and the religion is predominately Roman Catholic.

In a country where US television and baseball is enormously popular, there is considerable enthusiasm for learning English and as a result a plethora of TEFL jobs teaching English in Argentina are available. Those actively looking for TEFL jobs teaching English in Argentina will find a good variety of opportunities throughout the country, and be rewarded by the experience of teaching some of the most enthusiastic and fun-loving students in the world.

Completing a TEFL course in Argentina with TEFL certification is sufficient to teach in state and private schools. Generally, employers for TEFL jobs do not require a degree, PGCE or previous teaching experience. Within language institutes you can expect to find yourself teaching those who work in tourism or business. Also businesses and companies provide TEFL jobs teaching English in Argentina for English language training purposes for their employees. A good TEFL course in Argentina will provide components within the course for teaching business English and in some cases specialized courses dealing only with business English teaching leading to CTBE: Certificate in Teaching Business English.

Argentina has a needs driven market when it comes to English language learning and as a result you will find highly motivated students. TEFL jobs teaching English in Argentina have to be paid for and this is generally at a cost to the student of English. Students, school managers, companies and businesses will expect a respectable, well-turned out, professional teacher. An important thing to note is that Latin languages are inflected and students will naturally have a high awareness of grammar. Teachers teaching English in Argentina will need to prepare well for their classes in order to provide rich and structured lessons and a solid learning environment. Argentinean students are amongst the most warmly spoken of by experienced TEFL teachers. Expect fun, great enthusiasm, but do not be too surprised if class sizes are low should there be a major sporting event being broadcast.

Buenos Aires is a great location for TEFL courses in Argentina and TEFL jobs leading to teaching English in Argentina. The capital city boasts café lined grand avenues and cobbled back-streets in a style as that of Europe, a buzzing night life and many places of interest. It is not too difficult to escape the somewhat unusually easy paced life of the city for the quieter suburbs and natural expanses that surround Buenos Aires. Cordoba is the education centre of the country with seven universities in total. As an academic town it is alive with interesting people and events and there is plenty to do on a budget. Mendoza in contrast, with giant sycamore lined streets, feels like a desert – as you will notice from the high temperatures – but it is a desert made green by the work of plantation owners.

A little preparation prior to setting off for your TEFL course in Argentina or TEFL job teaching English in Argentina will pay dividends. Think of not just of Argentina, but the whole continent of South America, as you may well end up traveling around quite a bit once you hit this part of the world. It is a good idea to contact Latin American embassies in your country of origin for the locations that interest you. Enquire about TEFL courses, TEFL jobs teaching English and visas, and see what you get back. You will find that you will have compiled a useful set of information which will help in the long run. Information will vary from country of origin to country of origin, Latin American embassy to Latin American embassy.

In many cases TEFL jobs teaching English in Argentina are acquired on-the-spot. Hence you will need a letter of introduction, in Spanish, your resume or CV translated accordingly, plus a translation of your transcripts and certificates. The best option is to use Castillian Spanish as spoken in Spain. This is seen as the mother tongue, universally comprehended, and carries style, weight and considerable currency throughout Argentina and Latin America.

There are a number of options that can be utilized to gain a placement prior to teaching English in Argentina. Many US TEFL schools have close ties with Argentina and other South American countries. The Buenos Aires Herald carries TEFL job advertisements for English Teachers and sometimes information about TEFL courses in Argentina. The Net has many forums and dedicated websites for TEFL jobs and teaching English in Argentina.

The local yellow pages detail schools, language institutes and universities which are often only too willing to interview candidates. Well presented, organized and enthusiastic TEFL teachers are in short supply. It is quite likely that if an employer likes you they will most certainly find some teaching for you!

TEFL job opportunities for teaching English in Argentina are in plentiful supply. There is a wide and varied market for those having completed a TEFL course in Argentina or at another location. Argentina offers great travel options and the opportunity to become part of the local culture through teaching English. When choosing a location for a TEFL course and teaching English overseas, Argentina and South America should be given some serious consideration.