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$120 Million to Support ELL Educators

0 Million to Support ELL Educators
0 Million to Support ELL Educators

The U.S. Department of Education’s Office of English Language Acquisition (OELA) recently announced awards of nearly $120 million over five years under the National Professional Development Program (NPD) to support educators of multilingual learners.

The NPD program provides grants to eligible Institutions of Higher Education and public or private entities with relevant experience and capacity, in consortia with states or districts, to implement professional development activities that will improve instruction for English Learners (ELs). These grants align with Secretary Cardona’s plan to address opportunity and achievement gaps by investing in, recruiting, and supporting the professional development of a diverse educator workforce, including bilingual educators.

“I grew up speaking Spanish at home and thrived as an English learner in school thanks to great teachers who helped me realize that my bilingualism and my biculturalism would someday be my superpower,” said U.S. secretary of education Miguel Cardona. “As our nation grows more diverse than ever before, we must level up our investments in educators who can provide students from all backgrounds with equitable opportunities to succeed. This $120 million, five-year investment will support high quality professional development and teacher preparation programs across the country. It will also help us grow a pipeline of diverse and talented educators who can help more English learners realize their own bilingual and multilingual superpowers.” 

These grants can be awarded to educators of ELs including teachers, administrators, paraprofessionals or other educators working with ELs. Professional development activities may include teacher education programs and training that lead to certification, licensing, or endorsement for providing instruction to students learning English.

Educator effectiveness is the most important in-school factor affecting student achievement and success. To improve the academic achievement of ELs, the NPD program supports pre-service and in-service instruction for teachers and other staff, including school leaders, working with ELs. Selected applicants submitted proposals to improve access to culturally and linguistically responsive early learning environments for multilingual learners and that increase public awareness about the benefits of proficiency in more than one language.

“The NPD grants support the professional growth of the education workforce by promoting the skills and critical dispositions of educators and leaders. These grants can enhance the capacity of the education workforce to create equitable learning environments that promote language, literacy and diversity. This work is vital to increase educator effectiveness in meeting the needs of English learners and their families,” said OELA acting director Montserrat Garibay.

The NPD program has funded a range of grantees that are currently implementing 182 projects across the country, including the most recent grantees. As the EL population continues to grow, it has become increasingly important to identify and expand the use of evidence-based instructional practices that improve EL learning outcomes.

The Department projects this new cohort of 44 grants (see below) will serve approximately 1,638 pre-service and 6,271 in-service teachers.

Name State Total Granted Over 5 Years
The University of Alabama in Huntsville AL $2,799,244
University of Alabama at Birmingham AL $2,985,871
University of Arkansas System AR $2,955,256
San Diego State University Foundation CA $2,947,479
The Regents of the University of California, Los Angeles CA $2,944,015
California State University San Marcos Corporation CA $3,000,000
California State University, Dominguez Hills Foundation CA $2,571,938
The Regents of the University of Colorado CO $2,822,251
University of Delaware DE $2,666,354
University of South Florida FL $2,061,703
The Florida International University Board of Trustees FL $2,503,029
The University of Central Florida Board of Trustees FL $2,603,976
Florida Atlantic University FL $1,788,835
University of Northern Iowa IA $1,489,701
Trustees of Indiana University IN $2,999,075
Kansas State University KS $2,940,478
University of Kansas Center for Research, Inc. KS $2,290,405
University of Massachusetts Boston MA $2,946,798
Lasell University MA $2,504,012
Trustees of Boston University MA $2,868,044
National Association for Bilingual Education MD $2,965,801
Grand Valley State University MI $2,705,208
Western Michigan University MI $2,969,991
Wayne State University MI $2,289,939
Southeast Service Cooperative MN $2,716,643
William Paterson University of New Jersey NJ $2,863,634
The College of New Jersey NJ $2,998,231
Board of Regents, NSHE obo Nevada State College NV $2,004,285
University of Cincinnati OH $2,963,816
University of Oregon OR $2,992,611
Western Oregon University OR $2,989,591
Temple University – Of The Commonwealth System of Higher Edu PA $2,998,194
Cabrini University PA $2,981,534
Clemson University SC $2,332,682
BakerRipley TX $3,000,000
The University of Texas at El Paso TX $2,831,807
Region 18 Education Service Center TX $2,812,771
Texas A&M University TX $3,000,000
Stephen F. Austin State University TX $2,530,139
University Of North Texas at Dallas TX $2,761,155
Weber State University UT $2,787,029
Western Washington University WA $2,588,559
University of Washington WA $2,995,811
Board of Regents of UW-System on behalf of UW-Milwaukee WI $2,870,290
Total   $119,638,185