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An Adobe Certification adds Zing to your Digital Media Career

An Adobe Certification adds Zing to your Digital Media Career

If you have made a career in a creative area such as designing, be sure about one thing: you are not likely to get very far without certifications, no matter how good the company you work for is, no matter how good your skills are, and no matter even which institution you come from. Why is this so? Because certifications are the most authentic stamp of your expertise. We will examine this point in some detail later.

Let us focus on Adobe certifications in this blog. Adobe certifications are primarily for those who are pursuing or want to pursue a career in areas involving digital media, such as graphic designing, illustration, animation, video editing, and related skills.

Adobe Certifications-an Introduction

First, let us get an understanding of Adobe certifications and then get to know why you should take them. Adobe certifications are a set of certifications from US-based multinational, Adobe Systems Inc. Adobe leads the world in terms of certifications in the digital media industry.

These certifications are awarded in focused areas that sharpen a learner’s design-related aptitude and ability. These were the two levels of certifications from Adobe:

  • Adobe Certified Associate
  • Adobe Certified Professional

From June ’21, the ACA was merged into the ACP, which means that from that date, the Adobe Certified Professional is the sole digital media certification that learners earn from Adobe.

The Adobe Certified Professional Certification

As the primary certificate that showcases a learner’s expertise in Adobe’s Creative Cloud software suite, the ACP offers in-depth learning of the following components of the suite, with their respective areas of focus:

Digital Media Career
career in a creative area

Benefits of Adobe Certification

Any certification from a reputed platform is a bonus for anyone who wants to grow in their respective careers. When the certification is from a globally renowned company such as Adobe, it is a stamp of validation that you have earned a very prestigious certificate.

Naturally, a credential such as an Adobe certification ushers you into a world of benefits:

  • The doors to high-paying opportunities open up, as employers are convinced that you have upskilled yourself to match their requirements
  • You earn higher than noncertified employees
  • An Adobe certificate insignia enhances your portfolio significantly
  • You are looked at with increased respect by colleagues and employers alike, as it is implied that your skills are superior

The Adobe Certified Professional Exam

Since the ACP is awarded in multiple skills, Adobe conducts these exams across different dates and locations based on the certification being sought. These exams are conducted across these three levels:

Professional: Can be taken by those who carry up to 12 months of experience in designing

Expert: For those who carry 12 to 36 months of experience

Master: Only those with a minimum of 36 to 60 months of experience can sit for this exam level.

All these are conducted through Certiport. To know more and to get details of registration and other aspects, you can visit the Certiport Authorized Testing Center website.

Adobe Certified Professional Exam Fee

The fee for an ACP exam is $180. This is a ballpark figure because it varies according to the particular specialization you are seeking.

Parting thoughts

An Adobe certification is undoubtedly a passport to a very illuminating career in digital media. Adobe offers a variety of exams and tests across disciplines, and these exams are not a cakewalk by any stretch of the imagination.

Yet, having said that, the rewards are proportionate to the efforts. An Adobe certification is a very valuable feather that will add wings to your design-related profession.

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