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Not our job

Not our job

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Even with the prevailing rhetoric for the Mastering & Growth perform to be &#8220facts pushed&#8221, facts for the reasons of evaluating what we do is notoriously hard to occur by.

Typically we collect responses from delighted sheets (which I favor to simply call unhappy sheets) and confirm finding out outcomes by way of some sort of assessment.

In my practical experience, having said that, behavioural adjust is noted much considerably less frequently, though nearly anything to do with small business metrics even a lot less so. Although I recognise numerous explanations for the latter in certain, a single of them is only the issues we mere mortals have in accessing the figures.

Which has been a extensive-standing thriller to me. We&#8217re all on the exact staff, so why am I denied the visibility of the details I have to have to do my position?

I&#8217ve usually suspected the root trigger is a mix of human foibles (pride, worry, territoriality), substandard engineering (exacerbated by policy) and a lack of ability or will to use the technology even when it is offered.

Notwithstanding these at any time-existing issues, it&#8217s been dawning on me that the major blocker to our capacity to operate with the quantities is the truth that, truly, it&#8217s not our career.

Business woman presenting data to two colleagues

Think about a lender that discovers a big pain level between its buyers is the extended turnaround time on their household personal loan programs. To speed up throughput and hence improve the purchaser working experience, the C-suite helps make a strategic decision to commit in an AI-assisted processing system.

I contend the next:

  • It&#8217s the work of the implementation group to make certain the platform is applied thoroughly.
  • It&#8217s the position of the L&D workforce to create the staff members&#8217 functionality to use it.
  • It&#8217s the work of the service manager to report the turnaround instances.
  • It&#8217s the work of the CX researchers to evaluate the buyer encounter.
  • It&#8217s the work of the C-suite to justify their strategy.

In this gentle, it&#8217s obvious why we L&D people have so much difficulty attempting to do the other matters on the record that don&#8217t point out us. Not only are we not predicted to do them, but these who are don&#8217t want us to do them.

In quick, we shouldn&#8217t be undertaking them.


At this juncture I wish to warning in opposition to conflating understanding & enhancement with overall performance consulting.

Certainly, finding out & enhancement is a driver of effectiveness, and an L&D expert might be an integral member of a effectiveness centre, but I urge any one who&#8217s endeavouring to rebrand their position as these types of to heed my caveat.

My place right here is that if you are liable for understanding & progress, be dependable for it and let those people who are accountable for efficiency be liable for it.


Acquiring said that, there is a lot we need to be doing inside of the bounds of our job to maximise the functionality of the company. Guaranteeing our finding out aims are motion oriented and their assessment reliable are two that spring to mind.

And I don&#8217t would like to breathe air into the juvenile petulance that the phrase &#8220not my occupation&#8221 can entail. On the contrary, we need to be collaborating with our colleagues on actions linked to our remit – for illustration instruction requires examination, engineering the suitable environmental disorders for transfer, and even Level 4 analysis – to reach gain-acquire results.

But do it with them, not for them, and don&#8217t permit them offload their accountability for it staying accomplished. If they don&#8217t desire to collaborate, so be it.

Effectively it boils down to Return on Expectation (ROE). In our quest to justify the Return on Expenditure (ROI) of our possess provider giving, we want to be aware of what it is our financiers consider that provider to be.

Anything at all over and above that is an inefficient use of our time and knowledge.