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Why General Transcription Is Easier Than Medical Transcription

Why General Transcription Is Easier Than Medical Transcription

Transcribing is just a fancy term for typing what’s been recorded. A transcriptionist listens to the words on the audio recording and types the dictation using a word processing program. 

The transcriptionist receives the recordings on tape or in digital format. The recordings may be dictation (one person speaking), interviews (one or two people), focus groups (a group of people under guided discussion), meetings and a variety of other recordings.

After transcribing the files, the transcriptionist provides the finished work to the client or transcription company. Finished transcripts can be provided to the client or company as an email attachment or they can be uploaded as a file transfer or FTP. They can be saved to disk or CD and mailed. Some clients may request a printout of the transcript.

What is the difference between medical, general, and business transcription?

Medical transcriptionists transcribe medical documents for the medical industry.

Business and general transcription is transcription for businesses and the general public and caters to a wide variety of businesses, organizations and individuals.

General and business transcriptionists transcribe just about anything that is not medical or legal.

Examples of general and business transcription include recordings of interviews, conference calls, podcasts, radio shows, meetings, seminars, focus groups, police reports and more. Many conferences, industrial events and political rallies are being taped for transcription. Guests on TV and radio programs are regularly transcribed.

Right now you might be thinking, “Why should I consider providing general and business transcription?” Here are some of the many benefits of general and business transcription work:

• Transcription has great earnings potential. Like any businesses, it may take time to build a transcription business but the income potential is higher than most home-based work.

• General transcription is less competitive than medical transcription.

• You don’t need any specialized training or take extensive medical terminology courses.

• It is easy and inexpensive to start. Contrary to many home-based business opportunities that require significant cash to start, you can start providing general transcription with little money and inexpensive equipment.

• You don’t need expensive hardware or software. You can use FREE software that will allow you to listen to digital recordings, rewind, and play it back at varying speeds.  You can start without a transcription pedal but using a pedal enables you to do more work because you can do the work up to four times faster. Your first transcription job will pay for a foot pedal. 

• Enjoy Flexible hours. You can work late at night, early in the morning or other hours that work for you, as long as you get the work done.

• It is not as rushed as medical transcription. Although most businesses like getting their finished transcript back ASAP, business and general transcription is typically not as urgent as medical transcription.

• You don’t need to be able to type 80 words per minute (although the faster you can type, the more work you can do and the more money you’ll be able to make).

• You don’t need to have a lot of office skills other than typing skills, word processing knowledge, good grammar and listening skills.

• It offers a wide variety of topics and interesting work. Transcriptionists transcribe conferences, interviews and speeches with interesting people and well-known authorities.

• It provides wonderful work at home opportunities. You’ll get all the usual benefits of working from home, including being home with your children and unlimited income potential. 

Don’t overlook general transcription if you’re interested in transcription work or typing work from home.

What is transcription? What does a transcriptionist do? And what is the difference are between medical, general and business transcription?