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22 Spooktacular Halloween Bulletin Boards and Door Decorations

22 Spooktacular Halloween Bulletin Boards and Door Decorations

Trick or treat! Halloween is almost here, which means it’s time to create spooktacular Halloween bulletin boards and doors for your classroom. We pulled together some of our favorite ideas with help from our favorite Instagram teachers. Plus, check out our fall bulletin boards and owl-themed bulletin boards too!

1. Focus on spooktacular reading

Reading is Spooktacular halloween bulletin boards

Source: @lindseynstapleton

What better way to get your students to do some extra reading than making it about Halloween? Nothing says “reading is cool” quite like these three witches. If you’re looking for Halloween bulletin boards to inspire students with imaginative minds, this is one to try.

2. Combine Halloween and science

Halloween and the Animal Cell bulletin boards

Source: luckytoteach

A science-centered Halloween bulletin board is perfect for a science teacher who wants to spice up their classroom for the fall season. By adding science facts throughout the bulletin board, students will learn new information while simultaneously getting spooked!

3. Celebrate your bookish bats

Bookish for Bats Halloween bulletin boards

Source: @thedesignerteacher

Paste cut-outs of bats to a bulletin board to instantly make your it ready for Halloween! Be sure to include space in the cut-out for a student’s name and space for them to write in order to make the board interactive.

4. Get batty for your grade

Bats Bulletin Board

Source: A Cupcake for the Teacher

Nothing screams “Halloween!” quite like bats. Have your students trace their hand on a piece of paper, and cut out the tracing to make the bats’ wings feel more personal.

5. Mummify your door

Mummy Bulletin Board

Source: My Classroom Ideas

Did too many people get you the toilet paper from your back-to-school wishlist? Wrap a bulletin board with that extra TP, add some glowing eyes, and you are ready for Halloween!

6. Do the Monster Mash

Monster Mash Bulletin Board

Source: Room 108

Have your students decorate paper plates with googly eyes and fun teeth, and paste them onto a bulletin board to create a display of monsters.

7. Celebrate Ghostbusters

Ghostbusters Bulletin Board

Source: Unknown

Ghostbusters will never go out of style. Cut-out the classic Ghostbusters logo, add the names of your students, and you have an easy Halloween bulletin board.

8. Add cute monsters

Monster Bulletin Board

Source: Unknown

Cover a bulletin board in textured fabric, add a boa scarf or any soft texture around the edges, attach some simple arms and legs, and … voilà! Your bulletin board becomes a monster!

9. Adorn your door with Frankenstein

Frankenstein Bulletin Board

Source: Imagenes Educativas

No space for a bulletin board? Instead, you can put any green-colored paper on your door, add a face and some bolts coming from the sides of the door, and you have yourself a Frankenstein that is sure to spook unsuspecting passers-by.

10. Showcase your little monsters

Little Monsters Bulletin Board

Source: Unknown

Do you want to showcase your little monsters front and center? Print out cut-outs of their faces and paste them onto monster bodies! This Halloween bulletin board will surely make your students laugh!

11. Celebrate your witchy side

Witch Bulletin Board

Source: Crafty Morning

Channel your inner Wicked Witch of the West by putting a spooky witch and Wizard of Oz quote on your door.

12. Incorporate spooky eyes

Spooky Eyes Bulletin Board

Source: Enokson

Are you looking for easy Halloween bulletin boards? A quick way to Halloween-ify your classroom is to print out different shapes of eyes and paste them onto a bulletin board. Make the board more interactive by having your students design the eyes themselves.

13. Create a spooktacular village

First Grade is Spooktacular

Source: @g.l.beans

If you want to turn your empty bulletin board into a classroom activity, have all of your students draw something that reminds them of Halloween. Cut their individual drawings out and put them onto the board to create a spooktacular village.

14. Add candy corn art

Kindergarten is Sweet Halloween bulletin boards

Source: @hollymarie195

Instead of having your students draw whatever reminds them of Halloween, you can also specifically ask them to cut out and glue together their best candy corn. This activity is sure to produce some goofy-looking candy pieces, which will definitely personalize your Halloween-themed bulletin board.

15. Create a web of good books

Get Caught in a Good Book

Source: @trendenterprises

Draw a web in the corner of a bulletin board, and attach some books that seem to be caught up in the web. Have your students write their favorite books on the covers, and have the class take a look at the bulletin board to find a new favorite book!

16. Incorporate Anti-Bullying Month and choose kindness

Use Words that Lift Spirits

Source: @kennedyart81

Design your own spooky backdrop and cut out small ghosts with enough room for your students to write on. Have your students write their favorite compliment or kind remark, and let them place their ghost onto the backdrop to create a ghostly scene.

17. Display adorable Frankenstein art

Frankly we Love Kindergarten Halloween bulletin boards

Source: @itsallgoodwithmisshood

Unleash your students’ creative side by having them draw their best rendition of Frankenstein’s monster. You are sure to get a plethora of results that will make for a lighthearted take on a Halloween bulletin board.

18. Spiderwebs, ghosts, and spiders, oh my!

You are Faboolous

Source: @applesandabcs

Use fake cobwebs as the backdrop for your bulletin board, and add cute ghosts with your students’ names to spice up your space.

19. Create an adorable pumpkin patch

Adorable pumpkins on a Halloween board, as an example of Halloween bulletin boards

Source: @glitterandhummus

If you want a Halloween bulletin board but don’t want to spook your students, take a cuter route by having your students decorate pumpkin cut-outs and turn them into jack-o’-lanterns.

20. Read more BOOks!

Read More BOOks

Source: @debrowand

Decorate a bulletin board with a black or colored backdrop, and add a Halloween-themed quote to inspire your students! This Halloween bulletin board is easy to make and will catch the eye of your students.

21. Frankly, this class is sweet!

Frankly this Class is Sweet

Source: @theprimaryparade

Do you have a creative eye? Go all out with fancy lettering and quality materials, and make your Halloween bulletin board both kindhearted and aesthetically pleasing.

22. Make a tangled web of math

Tangled in Math bulletin board

Source: @beautyandthebeachteach

Are your students afraid of spiders? Spook them with this Halloween bulletin board by printing out large spiders and pasting them onto an empty board!

Do you have favorite Halloween bulletin boards and doors? Share links in the comments below!

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