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All my students graduated: Teacher Sandy’s Khan Academy’s Official SAT Practice Success Stories

All my students graduated: Teacher Sandy’s Khan Academy’s Official SAT Practice Success Stories

Ms. Sandy teaches English learners and ELA at a substantial college in Florida. For every course, she has 32 college students and 45 minutes. “It’s not possible to meet all their wants,” she states. 😵 But more than the last six a long time, 100% of her students have graduated. How did she do it?

Khan Academy’s Formal SAT Practice.

We talked to Sandy to master how her learners have been equipped to access their target of graduating high college by achieving a concordant score on the SAT.

Khan Academy: Inform us about your college students and how you use Khan Academy.

Sandy: I train English learners and ELA to high university pupils in Florida. In my classrooms, I have all ranges, and I use Khan Academy to differentiate the instruction. The goal that I use it for is to get the college students to be equipped to get a concordance rating on the SAT to satisfy the point out necessities so that they graduate.

Khan Academy: Why is Khan Academy your go-to useful resource for your college students?

Sandy: It frees me up to be in a position to expend much more time with particular person children and meet up with their demands. I can walk about the classroom and glance at what they are operating on. I have 32 little ones performing on Khan Academy. This university student struggles with the primary plan. This university student struggles with the topic, or this just one struggles with grammar. I see them for 45 minutes—I really do not have time to meet the wants of every single solitary a person of those young ones. It is not possible for me to do all of that. So, if they believe in the system with Khan Academy, they can watch it happen and unfold ahead of their eyes. Each and every single kid is obtaining accurately what they need to have.

A graphic with a quote from Teacher Sandy in Florida. "With Khan Academy they can watch it unfold before their eyes. Every single kid is getting exactly what they need."

Khan Academy: What is your most unforgettable good results story working with Khan Academy with your class?

Sandy: I experienced a university student who had appear all the way up as a result of the district and was in her senior year. She was looking at at a third-grade amount but had to get a concordance score on the SAT for graduation. She virtually just watched the movies about and in excess of and about once more. The videos were being demonstrating her how to uncover the information and facts and how to navigate the textual content. Even though she was not a robust reader, she was nevertheless in a position to get the score she desired to graduate.

Khan Academy: How do you encourage your students to maintain studying?

Sandy: On my wall, I have a signal that suggests, “Failure’s not an possibility. You will graduate.” Because even my principal reported, “These young ones just cannot graduate simply because they never talk English.” We just have a motto in our classroom: “Go ahead, underestimate me.” A single of my young children acquired me a cup that suggests, “Underestimate me. That’ll be enjoyable.”

Khan Academy: What do you would like every person understood about Khan Academy?

Sandy: For the last six several years we have had 100% graduation. So 100% of pupils in my course have graduated. And it’s since of Khan Academy. The young ones joke that I annoy them mainly because I’m continuously on their situation about doing their Khan Academy. But it is nothing at all magical that I do. It is just that they set the do the job in and they do it them selves.

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