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Have You Considered Teaching? Consider American Board.

Have You Considered Teaching? Consider American Board.

Since you’ve stumbled upon this blog post, we assume you’ve considered becoming a teacher. Perhaps you have a knack for numbers and you want to teach math. Maybe you’ve heard about the teacher shortage and you want to help. Or, perhaps you want a job with a schedule that aligns well with your child’s school schedule. Whatever your reason, now is a great time to become a teacher. If you’re ready to transition to teaching and you are looking for certification, consider American Board.

Picking Your Subject Area

Unlike traditional university-based programs which require you to teach the subject you majored in, American Board allows you teach any subject in which you can demonstrate competency. Meaning, if you know your stuff, you can teach any subject you want. The subject-area flexibility is just one reason to consider American Board.

No Income Loss

At American Board, we understand that most of our teachers are choosing this career path a little later in life. Therefore, our teachers can’t afford to go without a paycheck and we understand that. That’s why we never require an unpaid student teaching semester. Instead, our teachers prove their knowledge through two quick tests and then take full-time, paid teaching positions.

In fact, because of the teacher shortage rampant in most states, you can likely begin teaching today with proof of enrollment in a certification program. American Board’s online certification program meets this standard. It’s likely your local school has openings that need filled right now. So, you can get hired and help your local school at the same time.


If you’ve got kids, you have surely realized that becoming a teacher gives you the opportunity to mirror their schedule. From morning start times to holiday and summer schedules, a teaching career is a great option for those looking to spend more time with their own kids.

American Board’s program offers scheduling flexibility as well. First, we offer open enrollment meaning that you can begin the program any time. No need to wait for a new semester. Second, study times are completely self-paced. This means you don’t have to spend your nights driving to mandatory classes at a university. Instead, you can study American Board’s material whenever and wherever works best for you. Lastly, you can schedule your final exams with American Board as soon as you feel prepared. American Board’s program was designed to fit your schedule; we don’t think it should be the other way around.

Consider American Board

Online teacher certification allows you to earn your state-approved teaching license from home. To learn more about American Board’s certification program, visit www.americanboard.org.