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Middle School Classroom Decor Ideas That Are Easy and Fun

Middle School Classroom Decor Ideas That Are Easy and Fun

Finding fun and affordable middle school classroom decor can be tricky. Your students are growing up, but in many ways they’re still young kids! We’ve come up with a list of ideas to help you get inspired to create a learning space you and your students will love (and deserve).

(Just a heads up, WeAreTeachers may collect a share of sales from the links on this page. We only recommend items our team loves!)

1. Welcome your students in perfect cursive

Welcome "hello" mat for classroom

Snag this rug from Target or get one customized with your name.

2. Receive endless compliments on your otter stapler

Stapler in the shape of an otter

Make this otter tape dispenser your own! More of a narwhal or T-Rex person? We got you.

3. Start a dialogue

A middle school classroom décor bulletin board decorated with faux wood features the words "Let's Talk" and what appear to be conversation prompts. Student desks are in the foreground.

This bulletin board promotes healthy conversations among students.

Buy it: Shiplap Wallpaper, String Lights, Self-Adhesive Letters at Amazon

Source: @livmjev_mua

4. Set expectations for kindness

Two kindness poster

These kindness posters are both cute and free!

5. Embrace your inner coastal teacher

Classroom decorated with a coastal theme

Even if you teach in Kansas …

Source: @ashleymckenziept

6. Experiment with flexible seating

Two bungee cord chairs in a classroom

This set of bungee cord chairs would be a great grant or Amazon wish list addition (even though teachers shouldn’t have to fund their own supplies …).

Source: @heyitsmsj

7. Become a DIY wizard

In the corner of a classroom is a DIY desk made from parts ordered from Amazon, wooden boards, and pipe.

Make a great desk with hairpin legs, a wooden board, and metal piping.

Buy it: Tall Metal Hairpin Legs at Amazon

Source: @home_sweet_classroom

8. Spell it out with balloon letters

Balloon letters used on wall to spell out teacher's motto for the year

Use these Mylar balloon letters to craft your own motto.

Source: @home_sweet_classroom

9. Customize your cart

A teacher's weekly cart is organized by days of the week with colorful pink and pastel decorations.

Add a little flair while getting even more organized!

Buy it: Rolling Cart, Bulletin Board Paper at Amazon

Source: @happybeachreader

10. Update your library

Middle school classroom décor library that is full of books organized by color.

Too many books (is there such thing)? Add some storage space!

Buy it: White Bookshelf at Amazon

Source: @saralevineblog

11. Inspire with this poster bundle

Inspiring classroom posters

We love the fresh graphics and colors in this beautiful set of mindset posters at Amazon.

12. Roll up a seat

Large black yoga ball with a stability ring around the bottom for the purpose of using the ball as a chair.

Flexible seating can also be functional and fun. Check out other flexible seating options here.

Buy it: Stability Ball at Amazon

13. Share words of encouragement

Green cabinets in middle school classroom décor with motivational and inspiring sayings on the cabinet doors.

Use cabinets and counter space to give everyone a boost.

Buy it: Inspirational Posters, Letter Board at Amazon

Source: @bloomintheclassroom

14. Catch their eye with this vibrant periodic table

A vibrant periodic table on a black pbackground for classroom

Who said the periodic table can’t be beautiful?

Buy it: Periodic Table Poster at Amazon

15. Highlight mental health

Tall dresser cabinet middle school classroom décor with a large piece of paper that says "Mental Health Check In" and rows with different options for students to choose.

Open up an ongoing conversation about the importance of mental health with these decor ideas.

Buy it: Emotions Chart, Wellness Wheel at Amazon

Source: @affirmationsandaccessibility

16. Math teachers, how bad do you want this math clock?

Clock with simple equations instead of hour and minute numbers for students to practice math

Kids start getting squirrelly around square-root-of-four o’clock.

Buy it: Math Clock at Amazon

17. Share some wisdom from important historical figures

Classroom wall with inspirational quotes in minimalist style

Source: @teachtogrow

18. How about an ombre wall?

Classroom wall painted in ombre style

Congratulations to the lucky souls who are allowed to paint their classroom walls.

Source: @schoolgirlstyle

19. You and your teammates need these giant 4-foot pencils

Four foot personalized pencil from an Etsy seller

Check out this giant pencil and the rest of this Etsy seller’s shop too!

20. Create a relaxation nook

Middle school classroom décor designed to be a comfortable nook for students that features decorative netting, cozy pillows, and books.

Life can get pretty stressful. Offer a space where students can decompress.

Buy it: Hoop Canopy, Neutral Throw Pillows, Round Side Table, Tall Plastic Vase, Artificial Plant at Amazon

Source: @missjacobslittlelearners

21. Make a DIY birthday cake pencil holder

DIY pencil holder made to look like a birthday cake

See how the Craft Patch Blog made this impossibly darling (and functional) classroom feature.

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20 Fabulous Middle School Classroom Decorating Ideas