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My Favorite MindTap Feature: Deep Linking in My LMS

My Favorite MindTap Feature: Deep Linking in My LMS
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Dr. Billi Bromer is a professor of Instruction at Brenau College


As a absolutely online teacher who makes use of the Canvas Mastering Administration Process for my courses, what I really like most about working with MindTap is the option to deep website link MindTap assignments right in my Canvas program.

Every thing college students need is in a single position. Learners do not have to depart the Canvas class to examine an eText or use the electronic means I have provided. This saves pupils time and helps make a study course significantly less complicated. For the ever-escalating quantities of non-common college students who now complete on line programs, simplicity is not only a time saver—it’s a self esteem builder.

The Digital Resources I Use Most in My Canvas Courses

I’ll use my Canvas system in Developmental Psychology as an illustration. This study course has a massive quantity of content material and MindTap offers multiple ways for college students to master it.


I like delivering flashcards because they support pupils analyze and understand key conditions and class ideas. Each card has a term or phrase on one aspect and the definition on the other aspect. College students can click on on the card and then flip it about to learn a phrase or idea. Then they can go back to self-assess and determine if they have actually discovered the term. Students can perspective the word or phrase aspect and attempt to define it in their personal terms, or they see the definition aspect and establish the phrase it is describing.


An additional way learners can acquire the material and self-evaluate is via the Did You Get It? quizzes. Quizzes can be pre-established for extra than one particular endeavor so college students can check their stage of learning, go back again and review a bit extra, and re-evaluate. The Did You Get It? quizzes can also be set for attained details and applied as small-stakes assignments. Such as the Did You Get It? quizzes often not only presents apply for college students but also provides them a possibility to get paid details towards their quality in a lower-anxiety format.

Movie Cases

In addition to MindTap electronic means that support learners discover material and assess their possess progress, there are digital property that more greatly enhance the information and supply the idea-to-exercise application I want for the study course. The  video scenarios present limited real-lifetime illustrations of how the information is basically used. For illustration, learners could study about a subject this kind of as “memory.” The video scenario will deliver a limited clip about rehearsal tactics that can be employed to improve pupil memory.

A different useful element of the video scenarios is that each individual video will come with issues to which college students can reply straight in MindTap. As with the other electronic means, every online video situation is deep linked into the Canvas program. Learners can shift immediately to every single video clip circumstance to look at the video clip and reply to the inquiries.

I would be remiss if I did not mention the instructor grading approach where grades from MindTap sync instantly into my Canvas class. When I quality scholar online video scenario responses in MindTap, the details or percentages I have assigned to every student are also recorded in Canvas. I really don’t have to go back again to Canvas to record points in Grades. They are automatically posted.

Digital Resources for a Personalized Class Expertise

The user experience of MindTap deep connected into Canvas is beneficial for each the college student and instructor. Instructors can individually decide on MindTap electronic assets for a Canvas study course for the most effective application to the program goals. They can use as several or as couple of means as they experience are practical. The relieve with which the electronic sources can be deep joined in a discovering administration method supplies a tailored study course that is uncomplicated for both of those college students and instructors to control. It’s a acquire for everyone!

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