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“So much with so little.” – George Couros

“So much with so little.” – George Couros

This website submit is aspect of my personal problem to acquire a person quote from this commencing of the calendar year compilation and dive further into what the quote suggests to me! This would be a great challenge for not only another person diving into blogging, but it could also be terrific for a podcast problem as effectively. It would also be good for student prompts as properly!

Test out the quotes from the January 2022 post, and if you make a decision to write or converse about one of them in-depth, make sure you feel totally free to tag me on Instagram or Twitter (or both equally) to share your mastering!

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This is a quick summary of my parent’s journey from Greece to Canada.

They both of those grew up in the course of World War II and the Greek Civil War.

They at some point got on boats to journey throughout the Atlantic Ocean, not knowing if they would ever see any of their family again.

My moms and dads came in excess of with probably no extra than $20 to their name.  

They could not go through, generate, or discuss, English or French.

They started off operating in restaurants as dishwashers, at some point proudly owning a cafe of their very own for many decades.

My mother experienced a grade 6 education and learning, and my father had a quality 2 instruction.

Their 4 young ones have seven college or university degrees, a blended 12 young children of their very own, and households that they adore.

My dad and mom did so much with so small.

So I frequently question myself, am I undertaking so little with so significantly much more prospect?

I believe about the Substantial alterations that my mother and father have been keen to make to far better their life and the lives of their households and enrich all of the persons they related with and usually assume about the challenges I am normally adverse to in my own life, which hold me again.

Their journey and lives have shaped a great deal of my imagining in instruction.  

It is why I often share the pursuing about the idea of “risk”:



So as I am jumping in and about to consider some considerable pitfalls in my daily life, I consider about how do I aid my children and our college students learn to be at ease with change and chance-using in their have life?

I have to confess that my anxiety about my youngsters taking part in outside and on their have seems to be different from my mom and dad as I grew up. I typically marvel if they had been extra at simplicity with not understanding in which I was sometimes because I did not have a telephone, whereas now several parents, who can contact and text their young children any time, are extra anxious even while they have much more accessibility? Does that anxiousness get handed on to our little ones and make them danger-averse? These are queries I usually assume about.

You typically hear discussions about “kids these days,” followed by a lot of problems about a more youthful era. However, then I normally consider, if my child is the trouble, is that more of a reflection of who I am as a father or mother, they are as a child or some variation of a combination of both? 

As a young baby, I keep in mind my mom would notify me just before likely to any sporting activities match, “How you act reflects your dad and me, so don’t embarrass us!” Straight to the point and point-taken, simply because I heard about it if I did mess up. 

But that mantra is anything that I assume about with my kids as a coach and instructor. The acts of each technology are a lot more generally a reflection of the local community as a whole than the technology in isolation. Young ones are not a direct reflection of their instructors, mother and father, or caregivers, but to say there is no influence over their actions would be discounting the impact of these grownups on their life, each excellent and negative.

And of course, we really don’t want the lousy.

I frequently find myself striving to secure my young ones from my mistakes and educating them how not to do the identical point, relatively than sharing how I have observed achievement and what I did to get there.  

That incorporates getting threats. Making an attempt new matters. Getting cozy with pain. And absorbing the classes from my mothers and fathers and the journey they ventured on to make their lives much better.  

I acquired from my dad and mom that change is an option to do some thing astounding. They never ever at the time reported it to me, but they modeled it repeatedly.  

I don’t think I could do what they did.

Go to a different region, not recognizing the language, with no income in location, and hope make the most effective of the chances placed in front of them. 

Once again, they did so substantially with so little. And even though I did not know any of my grandparents, I am positive a lot of of the points embodied in my moms and dads was a reflection of them, both equally great and terrible. The hope is to not only discover from the technology prior to, but to find out, use, and make a lot more of the chances put in front of us and choose benefit.

I want to instruct my youngsters that doorways will open in entrance of them, and they will have to determine out how to go via on their personal, and sometimes it will not get the job done out the way they want. But that will not be the previous doorway that will seem, so really do not be afraid to go through once more and once more until you come across the points that bring you purpose and pleasure.  

I just wrote this to my daughters in a potential e mail as I took a break from writing this put up


“Do improved than I did. 

Not because I didn’t try out.  But mainly because I hope you can master from what I did proper and what I did mistaken, the identical way I did from my dad and mom. At the stop of the working day, you will make your very own way and I hope you bear in mind the following even in the hardest times.



This does not imply really don’t aid other folks. In fact, very the opposite.  Through your individual energy and experience, you will be better ready to assist many others to locate their have way.  That is always the hope for you both.”


My moms and dads taught me so significantly with all they discovered, and I hope to move on several of these lessons and extra to my young children not so they can discover my way but so they can discover their personal.