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Tips on Career Planning For High School Students

Tips on Career Planning For High School Students

High school classes these days are taught at a college entry level and are geared to prepare you for college. By the time you apply for college you are ready to pass the pre-assessment testing. But the classes are not the only thing to consider for career planning.

High school is the perfect time to acquire certain life skills, such as good attendance, attitudes and good work ethics. Most employers strive to fill their openings with energetic, dedicated and loyal employees. By acquiring these skills in the high school years and honing them in college you are sure to become an asset to any company.

Attendance is Everything

Employers do not want to hire an absentee person. Believe it or not, the employer will invest a lot of money to hire the person they feel will be the best asset to them. They want someone that will be on the job and able to complete the assigned tasks. One way to determine this is to check your high school or college attendance record.

Attitude, Attitude, Attitude

Is your glass half full or half empty? Do you have a positive or negative attitude? You may think this makes no difference when planning your career, but the prospective employer will differ with you. A persons attitude about themselves, others and life in general can be a big influence on landing that dream job. Someone with a positive attitude will always have a half full glass, it will never empty out. That person will strive to achieve greater success in their job, thus promoting themselves to their employer.

Work Ethics – What are These?

Good work ethics are as important as attendance and attitude. Your work ethics reflect your energy on the job, dedication, and loyalty to your employer. These are usually acquired throughout your education without you even realizing it. By completing assignments on time, volunteering for extra work or tasks, and applying yourself to your studies and activities you have succeeded in building good work ethics. These will provide your employer with his ideal placement.