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Tom Ficklin Show: Where Have All The Teachers Gone?

Tom Ficklin Show: Where Have All The Teachers Gone?

Nowadays was a excellent day for community instruction.

The College of Kentucky School of Education Dean, a New York Director of The Art of Instructing, a Central Connecticut Condition University Professor of Literacy, Elementary, and Early Childhood Education, ended up provided a full hour to critically go over the nation’s teacher lack. These education leaders shared their fears, hopes, and options. Right after in excess of 1000 Facebook sights inside of hours, and still growing, my wondering is seeds of hope had been planted these days.

Thank you to Tom Ficklin and the New Haven Independent FM 103.5 radio, who generously gave actual educators the flooring to chat options.

Observe in this article.

In this age when Mainstream Media rarely gives legitimate, knowledgeable educators anything but 30-60 second sound bites, the New Haven Impartial and Tom Ficklin gave us a total hour. In that hour, connections have been manufactured throughout states, universities, and Civil Rights corporations. I say one thing strong occurred nowadays.

I see an Education Spring Climbing,

Dr. Jesse P. Turner

CCSU Literacy Middle Director

Uniting to Save Our Schools

Very pleased Badass Teacher